Free Child Places Holiday Finder 2025

Many holiday firms have free child places finders or free child searches on their web sites to make it easier to find their family deals. Generally you will find that free child places are offered on family friendly hotels which generally include facilities for children as well a kids’ clubs and family entertainment.

Some of the popular family holiday brands that offer free child places

You can check for free child places for all Tui Holidays using the Tui free child places finder > click here

The Tui holidays brand Skytours offers great value for money holidays in general but also offer free child places. Skytours free child places include deals in various hotels and self catering apartments. Look out for the Skytours all inclusive free child places as these are the most popular.

Who does free child places on holidays?

For many families looking to go away one of the first questions they ask is which tour operators do free child places. Getting free child places for a summer holiday can reduce the overall cost of a family holiday. Free child places can be one of the best family holiday discounts offered and in certain hotels and self catering apartments can be the only real way to get the best price.

Many of the holiday firms have all the rooms in many family hotels and apartments so to get the best discount you usually have to get a free child place. If you are just looking for a cheap family holiday where the cost is the most important factor then there are other ways to do this. If you are looking for a deal on the best family hotels then a free child place is the best way to go in most cases.

Are free child places a con?

Are free child places a con? Not really it’s just another way of marketing and offering families a discount. It’s not any different from the online discounts that are offered, free child places are more restricted to families with children of a certain age. Most of the holiday firms offer free child places such as Tui Holidays  First Choice and Skytours.  By adding more free child places they can fill existing accommodation as free child places are based on sharing with two full fare paying adults.

When are free child places released?

Since free child places are in such demand many families want to know when do free child places come out. Generally the holiday firms will have most of their free child places available at the time of the brochure launch. The free child places can be topped up to help drive sales to specific properties and flights. However this works off the basic economic principle of supply and demand.

The most popular school holiday dates always tend to sell very quickly and are less likely to be offered again unlike the quieter months in May, June and September. So if you have children of a preschool age avoid the school holidays and take advantage of the better off-peak dates with lots of free child places availability.

How do free child places work?

Free child places discounts are only offered when the free child shares the room of two full fare paying adults. It can be in a hotel room or a self catering apartment just as long as there are two adults that generally haven’t received any other discounts. So realistically the discount is only the equivalent of the flight and meal costs as the room cost is covered by the two full fare paying adults.

Regardless of this for many of the popular family hotels the best way to get the best reduction is by getting a free child place. Don’t despair if there are none left you could still qualify for online discounts by simply booking direct on some holiday firms own web sites. The most important thing is that you get a suitable hotel and holiday for your family needs within your overall budget.